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Federated Governing Body policy

A Federated-Basketball Governing Body (FGB) is a non-constitutional forming as a federation for Home Country Deaf Basketball Associations (HDA). FGB differ from HDA, in that they do not have a full Constitution, Rules and Regulations or policies control over HDA etc, as the powers have been decided by HDA for FGB. Importantly, HDA does not have standing as entities of the international Governing Body (IBG). Instead, the FGB as a single entity is the body for purposes of international law. Depending on the constitutional structure of a particular body, and FGB can hold various degrees of legislative, judicial and administrative jurisdiction over a defined Constitution, Rules and Regulations or policies from HDA or National Governing Body (NGB).

FGB    =     British Deaf Basketball Foundation (BDB)

HDA    =    England Deaf Basketball (EDB), Northern Ireland (named yet to be), Scotland (named yet to be) and Wales

(named yet to be)

NGB    =    UK Deaf Sport (UKDS) Home Country Associations (HCA) of Basketball England, Basketball Northern Ireland,

Basketball Scotland and Basketball Wales.

IGB     =     Deaf International Basketball Federation


The BDB is responsible for National Squad in Britain and on the International level in cooperation with the DIBF membership role.


The BDB runs the GB Basketball squad in a federated model, under a board of management comprising of an Independent Chair, Independent Directors (Purser and Clerk) and representatives of HDA and UKDS.

  1. Independent roles will have no roles in any position relevant to any (HDA).

  2. The board will share discussions and decisions and all agreements must be 3/4 from HDA and 2/3 from other bodies.

    1. For priority/ies reasons, and if the majority are not met, then the Chair shall give an additional vote.

    2. Recount votes by discounting from majority to 51-49

  3. All planning and organising will be agreed upon in the decisions.

  4. All financial accounts will be overseen by treasurers of EDB and UKDS.

  5. EDB as a constituent body are the only solo HDA and will represent individuals from other home countries. until one develops in that country and become an HDA.

  6. A report shall be produced by BDB of their progress in the strategic plan agreed by all parties.

  7. Code of conduct in professional standard of behaviour

  8. Dissolution




The goal of British Deaf Basketball is to create a High-Performance (HP) training programme in Great Britain and to lead the overarching strategy for the growth of basketball in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. It plans to achieve this by:

  • Creating a sustainable financial plan in collaboration with the HDA, by effectively managing the intellectual and commercial properties of deaf basketball in Great Britain, and raising public and private funding for the execution of HP programmes.

  • Developing a strategic and collaborative HP strategy. This collaborative strategy will require engagement with other basketball and sporting bodies including the HDA, NDBL and Regionals to support and enhance the performance of HP players.

  • Developing and operating a communications, marketing and public relations policy concerning British Deaf Basketball’s HP Plan.

  • Implementing and overseeing an effective selection process for Great Britain teams in DIBF’s competitions.

  • Ensuring that a strategic framework is put in place within which competitions at HDA’s level provide appropriate opportunities for the development of HP players on a British Deaf Basketball pathway programme.

  • Licensing Home Nations competitions and leagues in Great Britain for both men and women grow the standards, profile and following of basketball in Great Britain. For the avoidance of doubt, the HDA retain the right to exploit and license domestic competitions and events which take place within their territory and jurisdiction.


Biddings and petitioning

  • Bidding for and staging any of the competitions of DIBF or the Age Group competitions of DIBF as is seen appropriate.

  • DIBF EuroCup competitions shall be under HDA’s domestic control

  • Deaflympic shall be under UKDS’ control in collaboration with ICSD’s

  • Collaborating with the HDA to establish and agree with a strategic framework to help grow participation in basketball and strengthen relationships with HDA and HCA 


Other duties of British Basketball include:

  • Representing the interests of, basketball in Great Britain within the HDA, UKDS and HCA.

  • Representing the interests of, basketball internationally within DIBF

  • Building relationships with, liaising and working alongside the Government departments, Government agencies, the UKDS, the HCA, relevant national and any other body or organisation it deems appropriate, in respect of the development of basketball in Great Britain.

  • Affiliating to, and being a member of, DIBF on behalf of each of the HDA

  • Developing and maintaining an international relations strategy as well as developing British Basketball’s international policy positions.

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