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The first Congress of the Deaf International Masters Basketball Federation (DIMBF) took place in Tallinn, Estonia on 11 December 2021.

The aim was that the new federation "DIMBF" should be officially founded, which has existed since then as IODVB and was not an official federation.

The delegates came for the foundation, e.g. Estonia, Germany, Greece, Lithuania and Israel. They have also received numerous letters of support from all over the world.

At the congress, which was chaired by the DIBF Secretary General Jürgen Endress, the new federation "DIMBF" was officially signed and founded, and its statutes were approved and confirmed by a full majority. There the new board was elected too:

  • DIMBF President: Arunas Kubaitis (LTU)

  • DIMBF Vice President: Riina Kuusk (EST)

  • DIMBF Secretary General: Vaios Gindikas (GRE)

  • DIMBF Treasurer: Zamir Bishila (ISR)

  • DIMBF Board Member: Pentti Virtanen (FIN)


We the DIBF would like to congratulate to the DIMBF and newly elected board of directors for the official founding of the DIMBF, and we look forward to working with them today and in the future.

Welcome to the DIBF Family!

Source from : DIBF Facebook 

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